Friday, November 9, 2007

All this networking stuff

Networking is key to business. And if you're at a big business event, networking is all that much more important - especially if you're company's paying to send you there; they'll want some return for their investment. So how do you network? One person muses:

[T]here are a bunch of people I’d like to meet - bloggers that I like reading, and the nice people who read my blog. I’ve no idea how to go about it, though. There are supposed to be some 50,000 people at the conference, and I have about 10 readers, so that totally rules out random meetings. Arranging a meeting seems a bit pretentious though. But I’m more worried about meeting the bloggers that I love reading. I mean, I can probably go up to Kevin Closson after his lecture and tell him that I love his blog, but isn’t it a bit too much of a fan boy thing?

And then there is the network thing. Everyone is telling me that the most important part in the conference is networking. Thats great, but I’ve no clue how to go about it. Should I keep talking to random people and give them my business card, or is there more scientific approach to it?

So, in a networking situation, how would yours truly fare? I turn to a highly authoritative source that has already been used by shawnz.

Well, perhaps I won't. The site was classified as spyware by MegaCorp. So we'll never know. Well, we'll know next week, I guess.

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