Friday, November 9, 2007

On to the firehose!

Hopefully by this time, people have assembled a pretty good Oracle OpenWorld 2007 schedule. Since it's the trendy thing to share such schedules, here's a high level overview of mine:

  • Sunday November 11 - Fly in to San Francisco, attend Oracle Partner Network Forum, go to dinner with one or two or three Oracle people (while my co-worker attends the Oracle ACE dinner) (and we both miss Sunday Night Live)

  • Monday November 12 - Listen to keynotes (especially Mark Hurd and Andrew Mendelsohn), attend sessions (especially Donna Cooksey and Noel Yuhanna), attend one or two evening affairs

  • Tuesday November 13 - Listen to keynotes, attend sessions (especially Thomas Kyte), go to blogger dinner

  • Wednesday November 14 - Listen to keynotes (especially Larry Ellison), attend sessions (especially Andrew Holdsworth), look at a mirror in the bathroom of the bovine shack

  • Thursday November 15 - Attend sessions (two government compliance sessions this day), go home
Other "here's my schedule" posts can be found for Laurent Schneider, Floyd Teter (Sunday), and prodlife.

P.S. The title of this post comes from this tweet.

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