Thursday, November 22, 2007

Revising my concepts of personae before I even got around to posting them

I've been mulling over something in my brain for weeks now, but never got around to placing it in writing. Briefly, I was going to assert that I exist as three separate but interlocking personae:

  • The persona that I display while working for my employer.

  • The persona that I display at home and at church.

  • The persona that I display to most of you, the "Ontario Emperor" persona.
But before I could pursue these thoughts further (especially in places where two or more of these personae intersect), Vaspers has cast the whole topic in a different light. I encourage you to read his entire post (blogs and inter-actuality), but here are a few very brief excerpts:

Our blabbering is sometimes universal and directed to everyone, other times it's distributed to a restricted set of recipients. A Twitter DM would be a restricted communication to a single recipient, while a blog post with appended reader-contributed comments, is generally a universal communication to a global audience.

It all boils down to blogging ourselves into self-concocted online versions of us: digital surrogates, cyber-simulations, as the Machine Realm gently, or violently, phases us out....

We think we're resisting the Machine Invasion forces, and to a limited degree perhaps we are, by connecting and consoling each other, but ultimately, we're having our personalities and belief systems sucked out of us and implanted in perfectedly embodied imposters, our socnet profiles and multi media presentations, who rapidly become more "real" i.e., more digitally available, than you yourself.

In my original thinking, I did not make such a distinction between my "Ontario Emperor" persona and the other ones; as far as I am concerned, there isn't that much difference, especially when you consider that my business persona often interacts via electronic mail and 30-plus page memoranda.

But after reading Vaspers, something hit me this morning.

while my carbon persona was showering, my silicon persona was reading @vaspers latest tweets

So my carbon persona probably smelled better. But it works the other way around also. After Jesse Baer posted a tweet that linked to an ad showing how fake people lose weight, I was moved to respond:

healthy avatars? think @misc banner ad is 4 silicon self, not carbon self (consider that @vaspers-our online self can look better)

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