Thursday, November 22, 2007

Followup on England and Steve McClaren

Followup to two posts that I wrote previously. More news on the ex-McClaren front.

From James Massoud didn't place all the blame on McClaren:

On the night of the most important games for England in recent years they bottled it. A gutless and nervy performance from every player. They gave it away all throughout the game and constantly played long balls up-field to Crouch who nodded it on for no body to get onto....

The second half performance was better after Beckham and Defoe were introduced to the game. Defoe was making the runs and Beckham was getting the balls in…for a very short period only. They were all just too nervous and never controlled the game.

But it wasn't just the players, it was the man who chose them:

I admit I was surprised to see McClaren had chosen Carson to start: I didn’t think he had the balls to make a decision like that. A decision which no doubt will cost him his job. Good. I didn’t think he had the credentials to manage the team in the first place and never thought he was right for the task.

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