Tuesday, November 13, 2007

On virtual dancing and Mimobots

I'm working through my list of shared items and trying to group things together. The next two items are tied together by the author, Julia Roy. So I guess this is my official Julia Roy post.

You can dance if you want to, you can leave your friends behind, because your friends didn't load Second Life on their computer, and if they didn't load Second Life on their computer, well, they're no friends of Julia Roy. Or at least they're not virtual friends of Julia Roy. (And if she hates Men Without Hats, then I apologize for this paragraph.)

Julia went to a dance party in Second Life:

I had a blast tonight at a Second Life dance party hosted by @AmandaShinji and @TheDiva. We boogied to music that was being pumped in live from a club called Bootie in San Fransisco.

My question - if you dance in Second Life, do you get sweaty?

Two videos of the dance party can be found here, but I'm not going to play them myself because I'm in a shared access area and don't want to disturb the other people here. (Moscone West 2nd floor, if you're curious.)

Julia's other post concerns Mimobots. I apparently never blogged about it, but on Halloween there was a trivia contest on Twitter in which Mimobots were being given away. Julia explains the attraction:

I am a huge fan of Mimobots. These freaky little creatures are so much more than memory savers, they are an expression of your personality. I am hooked. I want a different Mimobot for every day of the week. Aside from their core Mimobot characters they offer limited edition Artist series, Star Wars series Halo series, and not to mention their brand spankin' new Domo series.

But this raises the question - does Julia's Second Life character have a Mimobot?

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