Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Blue Planet Run Followup

Taking a break to follow up on a couple of Blue Planet Runners.

From Shiri Leventhal:

The move to India is set. I am scheduled to fly out on Weds the 14th, and am very stressed/anxious getting everything situated. The Indian embassy in Israel has hijacked my passport, and is taking their sweet time issuing the visa, despite my constant and incessant pestering. I have no guarantee that it will be ready in time, which is more than a little annoying…but there is really nothing I can do, but sit and wait and hope....

My running is still not a possibility, and probably one of the harder things to put up with. I try every now and then, but it’s always the same…painful. I am hoping the move to India will help take my mind off of it....I have found myself recently reminiscing more and more about this past summer and the run, and feeling very nostalgic towards it. I am not sure whether it is the running, camaraderie, or traveling I miss more…probably the running… I hope this passes...

David Christof is also looking back:

I have been avoiding writing this for weeks. I think subconsciously I didn’t want to write the last blog entry, because it would mean that it was over. It would mean that the biggest adventure of my life, the most extraordinary thing I’ve ever done, the intense commitment to something higher than me, was over....

I do hold on to my nostalgia extra carefully. I am in no rush to “get on with my life.” I have the whole life to look back on the 95 days in summer of 2007, so I don’t mind to wallow in the valley of nostalgia for some time. Yet, I am slowly moving into the here and now.

But Christof returns to the purpose for which he ran:

The Run is over, yet the water crisis still goes on. 1.1 billion people still don’t have access to safe drinking water. Thus, the Run was just a beginning. A grandiose one, an amazing one, yet still just a beginning. It is what I do with my life now that truly matters. It is what I do now, after the interviews end, after I no longer get to visit exciting cities, after the glory of the Run fades into the background, that really matters. I have several plans in mind. First, I want to contact volunteer organizations, schools and colleges, running clubs, churches, and anyone who wants to hear about the Run and the water crisis. I will share the stories, the pictures, the videos (if you would like me to come present, just contact me at christd@muohio.edu). I am also flirting with the idea of running across the US on my own, stopping in every town I pass through and talk about water. That is an ambitious project, which will depend on whether I find another crazy person to do it with me. I also want to stay in touch with the Foundation and see where we all go together.

And it wouldn't be a David Christof post without a David Christof tagline:

Water is life, and life is good at home.

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