Friday, November 2, 2007

Luckily it won't take audio submissions-Oracle OpenWorld attendees don't need to hear my Neil Young imitation

When Justin Kestelyn tweeted about the Sunday night Oracle OpenWorld keynote, he happened to link to a page with this interesting little tidbit:

Bring your mobile telephones! Just prior to each of this years' Keynote Presentations, you will have the opportunity to tell thousands of Oracle OpenWorld attendees exactly what you think. Come prepared to send your thoughts to the giant projection screens via your mobile telephone or PDA. Show everyone your business insights, your technical perspectives, your toughest questions and your most innovative ideas. Contribute and be a part of the community. It's Web 2.0 live, in person, and on the fly.

For those who aren't aware, Oracle OpenWorld will have multiple keynote presentations (I count 11 of them, at eight different times). So that's a lot of messaging that will be going on (presumably filtered - with over 40,000 people in attendance, there is bound to be one person who will send a "DB2 RULEZZZ!" message).

I'm not quite sure exactly what purpose the mass messaging will serve - whether it's just for show, or whether the content will be useful to the attendees. Still, it has the potential to be a good experience - especially if good questions are submitted, and if the keynote speakers are agile enough to respond to them.

I've never presented before 40,000 people before - I think the largest crowd that ever had to put up with one of my presentations was around 300 strong - so I'm not sure how the presenters will react to all of this information directed their way before they start talking. I guess we'll all see in a little over a week.

P.S. If, at some future presentation that I give, someone asks me to perform my bad Neil Young impression, I'll probably decline.

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