Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hey wait a minute - I've NOT been ripped off! Hey, where's my friends to help me NOT cool off?

The title, by the way, is adapted from the lyrics of a pre-Branded Undercover song.

This article appeared in my Google Reader feed with the note "by Stefan Sutton."

When I went to the page, it merely said that it was SUBMITTED by Stefan Sutton. And there's a link to my original post, along with links to movie databases and who knows what all.

The site is in the Chinese domain - I guess my ramblings aren't COMPLETELY banned in China.

Perhaps the next time I blog about Tom Kyte, I should throw words such as "democracy" and "Shi Tao" (see BooYahoo)into the post. For example, "Oracle Database 11g's new data masking feature could prevent authorities from learning who posted democracy entries into an Oracle-managed system. Such a system would ensure that people like Shi Tao would remain free."

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