Thursday, October 25, 2007

What is the Swedish translation of "Don't read this from your school"?

In a previous post, I postulated that my quotation from Genesis 1:1 may result in having this blog banned in Sweden - or, more accurately, banned in Swedish science classes (including science classes at religious schools, which are funded by the government).

Well, if this blog is going to be banned in Sweden anyway, I might as well go whole hog. Or whole warthog:

TV commercials aimed at children younger than 12 have been banned in Sweden and Quebec, and similar restrictions apply in Belgium, Denmark and Greece.

Well, this commercial not only flouts that ban, but institutes recommended methods of corporate bonding.

But if I really want to get this blog banned in Sweden - or at least in Swedish schools - then all I have to do is post a picture of the Swedish flag. Yes, the Swedish flag can get you banned in Sweden:

A school principal in southern Sweden has banned pupils from posing for class photos wearing national team shirts containing Swedish flags.

Since national flags may be perceived by some as xenophobic, eighth grade pupils in Karlshamn have been ordered to wear less inflammatory garb for a photo to be published in the school yearbook.

“Anybody looking at the photo could view it as a political demonstration,” principal Pär Blondell from Strandskolan told news agency TT....

Following an article on the subject in newspaper Sydsvenkan, a number of parents and irate letter-writers contacted the principal to express their dismay at the shirt ban.

But Blondell stuck to his guns, arguing that the pupils risked inadvertently earning themselves a bad reputation. People could begin speculating about “the racists from Karlshamn” once the yearbook began being distributed in the Malmö area, he said.

Well, if they're going to ban the Swedish flag, they might as well ban ABBA. But they won't go that far...yet...

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