Saturday, October 13, 2007

What happens when the smArts BECOMES the Culture?

I have discovered a new blog via my Twitter account - Maryann Devine's smArts & Culture blog. Let's learn about it:

About smArts & Culture

Founded recently – in 2006 – by Maryann Devine, smArts & Culture connects artists and cultural organizations with their biggest fans.

You’ll always have smArts’ attention -- having attracted clients from the start, smArts & Culture serves a select roster of artists and cultural organizations, ensuring that your most vital projects receive maximum personal care. By design, smArts & Culture keeps its services affordable for organizations of any size.

In business for only a year, smArts & Culture has already helped a number artists and arts nonprofits achieve their goals through marketing and media relations.

Devine is currently attending the Technology in the Arts conference in Pittsburgh, and actually phoned in a TwitterGram during one of the sessions, presumably as an example of a way for artists to communicate.

You just have to watch out if you're a musician. Eddie Awad tried to post a TwitterGram of some music, and it didn't work that well. I don't know if the technical issue was with the capabilities of cellular phones themselves, or the limitations of the mp3 file that was used to distribute the recording. Whatever it was, I wouldn't want to use the method to secure a gig or a recording deal.

But perhaps that's the point, and some artist could justify the tinniness of the recording as art in itself. Heck, Losanjealous has an entire category of Craptastic Cell Phone Photos.

Perhaps someone will try to put a torrent of Oracle Database 11g for Linux x86_64 into a virtual museum.

As for me, I'll concentrate on my PowerPoint with a flying "T" and "%" sign.

(You don't want to know. You really, really don't want to know.)

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