Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This is Ugly

From Dreadnaught:

Former Trojan great, Reggie Bush has been sued by [Lloyd] Lake. Lake is seeking to recoup approximately $300,000 in cash and gifts he allegedly gave to the Bush family during Reggie’s sophomore and junior seasons at USC.

Although when Bush met Lake, he didn't sing "Thank You For Sending Me An Angel." Or at least I don't think so:

The first thing that should jump out at the reader who is already familiar with the story is that "sports marketer" Lloyd Lake should be more properly identified by the Los Angeles Times.

It should read, "convicted felon, parole violator, and accused extortionist" Lloyd Lake.

And one should ask, what did Lloyd Lake market? Not much. He was back in Federal prison for violating his parole on a drug conviction. So, even if he never had a sport client to market, I suppose he had a "fall back" (or is it "relapse"?) business plan.

The simple truth of the matter is that the felon Lloyd Lake, con man Michael Michaels (aka Michael Pettiford), and Bush's step-father LaMar Griffin, all thought they could tread on Reggie's fame and earning potential.

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