Wednesday, October 31, 2007

So, what did Mike Carona and his harem actually DO? And did anyone videotape it?

See Truemors for the overview, and the Los Angeles Times for more:

Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona has been indicted on federal corruption charges stemming from a lengthy investigation into allegations that he had misused his office for financial gain, law enforcement officials said Monday....

A one-time close friend of Carona, former Assistant Sheriff George Jaramillo, already has pleaded guilty in the case, his attorney confirmed Monday. In the plea, Jaramillo admitted that he had collected cash and gifts worth about $45,000 and had filed false income tax returns concealing the income....

[E]ven as he gained attention in the political realm, Carona was coming under attack from critics who accused him of improper management and ethical lapses.

His conduct had hurt the department's integrity and morale, according to the critics, who pointed in particular to allegations that he had issued badges and concealed-weapons permits to campaign contributors without background checks or ensuring that they had proper training. Carona denied that the badges were political favors and said his conduct was proper....

In August, the state Fair Political Practices Commission agreed to a settlement in which Carona paid a fine of $15,000 for eight incidents in which he had billed his campaign committee for thousands of dollars in non-itemized expenses that he listed only as "loans."

And a name from the past appears in the article:

The 30-page plea agreement describes Jaramillo's involvement with individuals identified as "M.C." and "D.H." Corrado said the initials stand for Carona and former Assistant Sheriff Donald Haidl.

The plea agreement says that beginning in late 1998 or early 1999, Haidl arranged for Jaramillo and Carona to be appointed to the boards of directors of several companies that paid them compensation or honorariums.

In the plea, Jaramillo conceded receiving $7,000 from Charity Funding Services, a firm owned by Haidl's uncle. The plea agreement says Carona also received monthly payments from the charity company, as well as an unspecified amount of cash from Haidl.

In addition, the agreement said, Haidl used a partnership he controlled to pay about $23,700 in lease costs for Jaramillo's 1997 Mercedes-Benz. The partnership later sold the car for $12,000.

Ah, Donald Haidl. Remember his son?

The story mentions Haidl’s son Gregory in relation to a gang rape in 2002, when he was in high school, which he and his buddies videotaped and then showed to other kids. Gregory wasn’t just arrested, he was eventually convicted and sentenced to 6 years; the first trial ended in a hung jury, and the jury was predominantly male. There was a story that some members of this jury were offered a fee to become consultants for Haidl’s defense for the next trial.

While young Haidl was out on bail he was arrested on a drug charge, and yet again for another rape charge; this time he didn’t tape the encounter. He met this second girl at a party to celebrate the hung jury in his first trial. The party was held in his father’s house, the same house where the rape took place. In all, this gentleman was arrested on 6 different charges in 3 years, and it is claimed (by people who claim to know) that he was given preferential treatment by the OC Sheriff’s office, because of who his daddy was.

And speaking of family affairs, there was an affair:

I noticed that among the people indicted for various bits of misbehavior are Carona’s wife, Deborah, and one Debra Hoffman, identified in the indictment as Carona’s mistress. Not his lawyer, his mistress. For Hoffman to be identified in that way in an indictment is …. interesting, and wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall when this is discussed at the Carona home? And they’re both named Debbie. Debbie and Debbie did Mike? It may not be discussed for very long, since he is expected to surrender to the Feds tomorrow.

Still don't know exactly what the Debbies did. Perhaps they received engraved "M+D" trinkets or sumfin.

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HI-CALIBER Investigations said...

Santa Ana, CA – (HC) Orange County Sheriff Michael Carona was indicted, and yesterday he had to turn himself into federal authorities. The top Cop was held in a holding cell.

He then appeared before the Federal magistrate with his handcuffed hands, shackled to his belly chain. However as all criminally accused, he should be considered innocent until proven guilty. But objectively speaking, with all the alleged evidence piling up, it doesn’t look good for the Sheriff.

I’ve always said that the ‘top cops’ must be held even more accountable, than the boots in the street. As our Highest authority says, “To whom much is given, greater is required.”

What could have led to his demise?
I suspect Carona being elected too quickly to the top cop, of the 2nd largest Sheriffs Department in California was problematic. To my knowledge he may have never been a deputy Sheriff. But he is elected to thee Sheriff.

That is tantamount to what occurs to some of these young movie stars or celebrities. One day their an average person, then their at the top. They missed out on the years of preparation, discipline and grooming for their new fame. Consequently, then they can’t handle it.

Carona gained his National recognition years back when 5-year-old Samantha Runnion was murdered. I have to admit Carona looked rock solid, and spoke very well behind the podium; as he announced to the world that Samantha’s killer Alejandro Avila was arrested. Carona received great credit and admiration (Nationally) for that arrest. But the truth is, Carona was not the hero who located and arrested Avila. After this arrest Carona became a world-renowned hero. But is this fair? Is this correct?

It is tantamount to the former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. After New York’s attack on 9-1-1, Giuliani stepped up to the plate (the podium,) and made press releases to the world. Just like Carona, Giuliani looked good, he sounded good, and he said everything we all needed to hear. But does that make him a great leader, or the hero? Does that now make Giuliani qualified to become the next President of the United States of America? Of course not.

The United States Attorneys office sustains a 98% conviction rate. If Carona is innocent, I surely hope he is found ‘not guilty.’ But if he is in fact guilty as charged, then he should be found ‘guilty' as charged.

Had one of Carona’s deputies been accused of the same, Carona would have suspended and/or terminated that Deputy. Therefore, I say it’s time for Carona to step down. Not just because of these criminal allegations, but because other alleged indiscretions.