Monday, October 29, 2007

Alert Technorati that a new tag will become trendy

This is what he said. This is what Extreme Mortman said:

We had our fun with the Ron Paul Ron Paul Ron Paul Ron Paul Ron Paul Ron Paul experiment....

[P]lease welcome to the comments experiment Stephen Colbert Stephen Colbert Stephen Colbert Stephen Colbert Stephen Colbert Stephen Colbert Stephen Colbert.

Why Colbert Colbert Colbert Colbert Colbert Colbert?...

Boy, are his followers fast. As soon as we mentioned Colbert in a post over the weekend it got picked up by something called Colbert08. Try that little trick, all you folks who fondly remember Paulsen ‘68! (or even Paul ‘08).

Sounds like, at least for the trendy people, Ron Paul has jumped the shark. But some more thoughtful people are weighing in, not caring about this poll or that set of Facebook traffic. Ironically, Paul may be too idealistic for the idealists. Puzzling evidence:

Today, the Club for Growth released its presidential white paper on Republican presidential candidate Representative Ron Paul....

"While we give Ron Paul credit for his philosophical ideals, politicians have the responsibility of making progress, and often, Ron Paul votes against making progress because, in his mind, the progress is not perfect," Mr. Toomey continued. "In these cases, although for very different reasons, Ron Paul is practically often aligned with the most left-wing Democrats, voting against important, albeit imperfect, pro-growth legislation. Ron Paul is, undoubtedly, ideologically committed to pro-growth limited-government policies, but his insistence on opposing all but the perfect means that under a Ron Paul presidency we might never get a chance to pursue the good too."

P.S. If you want to look under the hood, this post represents a change in my use of Google Reader. Rather than starring items of interest in Google Reader, I'm sharing them, either until I get around to blogging about them, or until - well, I don't know yet, I just started this thing. Note that my shared items appear on the left side of the blog, below my playlist. (Yes, I'm dangerously overloading my blog with trinkets again, just like I did with the Ontario Empoblog. I admit it.)

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