Friday, October 12, 2007

Now I'm slack-jawed - Oracle-BEA???

Just saw this tweet from Justin Kestelyn:

Holy cr*p - Oracle acquires BEA!

I'll hold off on Oracle Database 11g x86_64 news for a brief moment.

It turns out that Kestelyn's post may be premature:

Published: October 12, 2007, 8:28 AM PDT

In a new attempt to extend its series of major software company acquisitions, Oracle has offered to acquire Silicon Valley rival BEA Systems for $17 per share, a total of about $6.67 billion in cash.

If consummated, the acquisition could eliminate issues about what BEA will do for future growth while furthering Oracle's years-long effort to consolidate as much of the software industry under its own roof.

Note that this is just an offer at this stage.

But Curt Monash links to something he wrote back in December 2002. This is what he said:

IBM’s acquisition of Rational Software makes it very hard for BEA Systems to survive and prosper as an independent company. A merged BEA/Borland would also have great difficulties.

IBM now has an extremely formidable technology and service stack. Acquiring BEA is the best way for Oracle to regain the upper hand. In particular, Oracle could finally address its problem of connecting to non-Oracle DBMS.

I am not trendy...Curt Monash is way too trendy. However, he notes that things have changed significantly since he wrote his 2002 paper. At the time, he noted that Oracle was suffering from a "Not-Invented-Here syndrome." Obviously, that is no longer the case.

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