Saturday, October 27, 2007


Once I swore that I'd compile a list of sites that are very mobile-friendly, sort of mobile-friendly, and not mobile-friendly at all.

I haven't gotten around to making that list, and I wonder if I ever will.

However, I do have to investigate something that Robert Scoble blogged about.

BluePulse, today, released a bunch of new features for its social network.

But why is this social network gaining millions of users when Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc are out there already and are very entrenched?

Because they focused on a smaller niche. Their social network is ONLY for mobile phones.

When you go to, you initially wonder if they get it. The front page is very graphic-heavy.

But then when you go to, the experience changes. From there, you can get to a "What is Bluepulse?" page.

Bluepulse is a free mobile social messenger for you and your friends. You can message your friends from bluepulse using their email address, phone number, name or group name. You can receive all incoming messages and profile updates in 1 inbox. You can also build your profile and share pictures and videos with 1 friend or a whole group really easily. Get message alerts via email or SMS and expand your network by being introduced to your friends' friends - all from your phone, all for free.

Personally, I don't know that I need another social network - I'm already on MySpace, Twitter, and MyBlogLog among others - but it's good to hear that someone is thinking about the mobile environment.

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