Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Journey to Modern Civilizations

Marty Robertson purposely waited a couple of months before posing his "I'm home" post to the "Journey of Ancient Civilizations" series.

The journey home has been stretching and filled with joy. We have been home for almost two months now. At times the reality of the adventure seems so far away. Yet a day hardly goes by in which we don’t reference the incredible hospitality of Mohammed from Luxor, Spyros from Athens, the Gils from Milan or Stephanie from Tuscany. We have been deeply impacted by the cultures we’ve lived in, the people who invited us into their lives, and our time together as a family. We came upon this quote from Mark Twain while staying with our friends in Oxford, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” It has proved true for us. We live in a great big wonder-full world. We will never be the same....

I’m back on campus. My room looks good, but nothing is where I thought it should be and many things are missing. And my school feels different. Everyone seems a bit more harried, somewhat scattered, less prepared than I remember in the past.

And, in case you forgot, the purpose of Robertson's trip was to develop educational materials.

To those of you interested in the ancient civilization student curriculum projects I have created from the 9,100+ photos and video clips I’ve collected, I will post a link and instructions on how to upload these in an upcoming blog entry.

No word on where Robertson banks these days.

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