Saturday, October 27, 2007

Externalize Yourself Three


Later that morning, I was able to properly use my externalized storage area - well, mostly properly.

Specifically, I employed it when I read this tweet from Tara:

I think I just solved my wireless network issues - yay, me

After I read that tweet, I responded:

congratulations @onepinktee-didn't you have 2 spend 1+ days working on that?

So, how long ago did onepinktee report her wireless network problems? I went back to her post archive and found this:

struggling with my new laptop won't detect my wireless router 05:33 PM October 25, 2007 from web

Since I was writing this on the morning of October 27, I was moved to tweet:

whoops, over a day-had 2 consult external memory (@onepinktee profile) 2 find out :)

So, how many of you caught the error in my final tweet on the topic?

In case you missed it, the error was in the word "whoops." When I wrote the new tweet, I assumed that I had said "1 day." In actually, I had said "1+ days." So the "whoops" was not necessarily, since I technically got it right the first time.

This demonstrates that my external memory was working fine; it's only my internal memory that needs an upgrade.


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