Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Be sure to wear some dollar bills in your hair

I haven't been to San Francisco since...well, since Oracle OpenWorld 2006. (And no, I'm not going to create an mrontemp label openworld2006.) Finland for Thought reminds me about part of what I'll find when I get up there:

I just returned home from a week in San Francisco, my first time there. I always thought my hometown of Baltimore had a lot of bums walking around, but there’s literally 100x the amount in Frisco. It’s supposed to be the most left-wing big city in the states, so shouldn’t there be the fewest bums thanks to the increased social benefits? Or maybe all the nation’s homeless just flock to San Francisco? Dunno.

Fortunately all the bums seemed relatively friendly, non-intrusive, and often had quite creative ways to earn your spare change - they all don’t just stand with arms out like the recent influx of beggers in Helsinki. The ones that shout random things are the funniest, I had one guy yell to me, “Welcome to Hell. I’ve been here 45 years.” and another ask me, “Got any dinner money for a secret agent?”

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