Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Why Michael Richards Can't Get a Job Today

Some time ago, in a galaxy far away (did I just violate a copyright?), I called Jamie of Eye of Polyphemus a baby seal clubber. Luckily, the clubber didn't seem to mind. (The whole sordid tale is here.)

One of the blogs that I encountered on BlogDay 2007 is written by a mother so that she can brag about her teenage daughter. The title of the blog? Pimp My Daughter.

...If you think the name ‘PimpMyDaughter’ implies that I am willing to actually pimp my daughter then you will probably be disappointed (If your name is Bill Gates then we may be able to work something out :) ).

This site exists to have fun, build Amelia’s confidence and to introduce our family to the exciting world of blogging. If you know me or A personally then please don’t leave any comments or do anything that would reveal our true identities - My husband is a very good shot.

The first comment on this "About" post probably helped Amelia's self-esteem:

wow!! this is one very outstandingly pretty girl..I’m looking forward to the modelling shoots- come on Amelia get them posted!

The second comment probably didn't:

OMG Pimp your daughter? Its all in fun unless your bill gates? Wow. Very very offensive.

Mom replied:

Relax - I’m joking :)

The second commenter replied:

Not funny.

Then someone new stepped in:

How mad are you? In a world where women in the Congo suffer rape-related fistulae that leave them unable to be accepted as people, never mind the physical and psychological costs, and where trafficked women are “pimped” on the streets of the UK and US, you write THIS rubbish? Get a grip, pimping is NOT a fun game, you may be “joking” but you may do better to donate any “profits” you get (… from your daughter…?!) to helping women heal, who have been exploited by pimps or rapists.

And so on, and so on, which moved Mom to write another post:

I’ve never seen Amelia so animated :) ... One of the aims of this exercise was to boost her confidence and I think it’s working!!!

It has also made me and my family think about more serious issues. Domestic violence has never impacted on my life and I hope and pray that Amelia will be as lucky. The same isn’t true of many women however, and a number of visitors have pointed out how lives can be damaged by prostitution and abuse.

So Amelia has been defended by do-gooders, and Mom has linked to an Amnesty International web site (as have I), and everyone feels good.

Oops, we seem to have forgotten. What about Amelia?

Amelia says, "This is all so serious..."

Meanwhile, back to Jamie's Eye of Polyphemus:

FOX, the network never famous for upholding the highest boundaries of good taste, is prepping a brand new reality series called Smile, You’re Under Arrest. It will be a lot like the myriad Candid Camera rip offs that have aired over the years, except instead of a harmless prank and a hearty laugh afterwards, you get arrested.

So now the one-eyed guy criticizes Rupert Murdoch?


P.S. Seriously, Jamie's almost right on this one. He made the comment, "I will bet you virtually every single one of those bozos signs a waiver allowing himself on television." I'll go one farther - I bet you small-time convicts will be clamoring to be arrested.

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