Tuesday, September 4, 2007

What you can learn about your co-workers

I was walking down the corridors of MegaCorp and passed the cubicle of one of our distinguished persons (i.e. someone with technical knowledge who can put "Distinguished" in his/her job title - for the record, I am "Undistinguished"). Anyway, Distinguished (who shall remain nameless) had posted a sign outside of his cubicle that promoted his candidacy for an organization (which, for purposes of this blog post, I'll refer to as "ABCDE").

He wasn't in his cubicle - he was probably doing something distinguishing - so I couldn't ask him what ABCDE was. So I had to research it myself.

It turns out that ABCDE is one of those homeowner's community thingies, although in this case the association spends more time organizing fun community events than it spends policing the shade of gray that you're using on your house. And Distinguished is an incumbent officer in ABCDE, so I'm impressed with his sense of purpose.

But I found something interesting in his candidate statement (some identifying material removed):

I have had the pleasure of serving [ABCDE] since I moved here, starting as a [low level volunteer] serving popcorn on Movie Nights in the Park to my current position on the Board. Below you will find additional highlights.

[ABCDE] [low level volunteer] 2001- Present

Various roles, including Spring Celebration’s Mr. Bunny

What?!? Distinguished in a bunny costume? The MegaCorp e-mail lines were buzzing with the following message (low priority, of course):

From: [me]
To: [Distinguished]
Subject: Pressing political question
Importance: Low

Mr. Bunny?!?

P.S. Good luck.

Lucky that I don't work for the government; that would probably be a Hatch Act violation.

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