Monday, September 17, 2007

Tracy Simers Has a Blog

Well, you don't need to come to this mrontemp blog for information on Tracy Simers any more. Tracy has her own blog. (Don't know if she has Twitter.)

She mentioned it on the show this morning, and ended up asking the question, "Do I have to write something there every day?"

Obviously she has not mastered the art of typing meaningless drivel like I have. Well, perhaps she has, but not in quantity. (If Tom Peterson were a blogger, he'd be typing, "Post in quantity!" With the arrows pointing at his fingers instead of his head.)

So what did Tracy write in her maiden (heh) post? Here are the sports-related excerpts (go to her blog to find out about taco places and Craig Shoemaker):

Okay, so my Irish suck this year...but after UCLA's ridiculous loss to Utah this weekend I now have hope that ND might end up pulling out a victory. My Broncos sure are making their games interesting....putting everything on Jason Elam's leg.

I suspect, however, that I'll have better luck as a Redskins fan than Tracy will as a Notre Dame fan.

I hope.

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