Friday, September 14, 2007

From Mosh to Mash

As my cubicle neighbor would say, "That was easy."

Brad Stone was speculating about Yahoo Mash.

So what the heck is Yahoo Mash? Here are some theories. Feel free to suggest your own:
-Yahoo’s relaunch of its largely ignored social network, Yahoo 360.
-A new social network that Yahoo had been calling Mosh, as covered by TechCrunch in July.
-Update of the popular photo sharing site Flickr, with added features like video sharing.
-A new entertainment effort from Yahoo’s Santa Monica media group, remaking the hit ’70s TV show about Korean war, with puppets.
-New portal for potato enthusiast market.

I tried going to, and I was redirected to

Note that Mosh has now become Mash.

Incidentally, I tried logging in to Mash/Mosh with my Yahoo account, but was denied access.

Also see InfoWorld.

Considering that the service apparently includes the creation of profiles for individuals, it would be safe to assume it is some sort of social network, an area where Yahoo officials have acknowledged the company is weak....

What's not a secret is that the Yahoo 360 social network, introduced in March 2005, has been a disappointment. Several times over the past year, high-ranking Yahoo executives have publicly acknowledged this and indicated the service needs a major overhaul....

Yahoo's weak position in social networking is baffling and has been a source of sharp criticism for the company's top managers. They have been blamed for being asleep at the wheel while MySpace, initially as a startup, went on a tear in the social-networking space; for launching a weak product; and also for being unable or unwilling to buy Facebook or another strong competitor.

P.S. is a bad gateway.

[P.P.S. Nixon figured this out a day before I did.]

[P.P.P.S. Yahoo's working on the trademarks.]

[P^4.S. Invites are available.]

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