Monday, September 10, 2007

The End of the Blue Planet Run

Not too long ago, the Blue Planet Run completed its journey.

Shiri Leventhal:

Today marked the end of the run, the completion of 15,200 miles, and the return to the start. Today we did it. We made it all the way around the world, in one piece, in 95 days, non-stop, 24 hours a day, with one baton, and only 21 runners. WOW! The magnitude of this still hasn’t sunk in, and probably won’t…for a long time....

At 12pm…we stopped running, stood altogether, all 21 of us, on stage…with the baton. For the first time, in 95 days, no one was running, the baton was not moving, and we had completed our mission. We had circumnavigated the globe, running through 16 countries, and had made it back to the start…going only in one direction…always East. Amazing!

Did I mention that they were in New York?

More videos, thanks, awards were given…lots of drinks were drank, and a ton of dancing was done. The only odd part of the night was when my shoes got stolen…yeah that’s right, stolen! Weird I know, but apparently, uncomfortable silver stilettos are in high demand. Having taken them off to go dance, when I returned…they were no where to be found, and despite the entire staff at the bar actively searching with flashlights, they remained stolen. The good news was that they were incredibly uncomfortable, relatively cheap, and less that I have to pack and bring back.

Apparently after running around the world for safe drinking water, your sense of what is truly important - and what isn't - is heightened.

David Christof hasn't been able to put his thoughts into words yet, but he did have a bit to say:

We did it. We ran around the world for safe drinking water!!! I made it safely home back to Ohio. At this point, I am still trying to figure out what it all means to me. I will write more soon...

As long as Christof doesn't wear stilettos, he'll be fine.

You may recall that my first mention of the Blue Planet Run was in connection with Christof, who is presumably now settling in to his previously-mentioned job as a first-year advisor to students. Now the real adventure will begin.

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