Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Why you should check your sources

I previously wrote a post about Bernice Johnson Reagon's book Georgia in Song.

However, it was based upon questionable sources.

Bad me.

Luckily, there are people better than me who are willing to provide factual information to our youth.

From Clifford, in my comments:

When we were cleaning out my folks house after Katrina we found several of my old LP's in the muck. Showed them to my kids, and told them how lucky they were today - because back in the 70's we had to carry around a 20 lb. backpack-sized "Album-man" to just play the things.

You remember that technology, don't you? As well as all of the articles that detailed how to balance your Album-mans correctly to prevent skipping. And how Studio 54 had to ban Album-mans from their premises, which led to a nasty incident with Bianca Jagger. (She was actually banned from the club for a week, if you can believe it.)

DJDare is trying to resurrect the Album-man technology, but the DJ may be fighting a losing battle.

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