Thursday, August 23, 2007

Refried Screens Finds Hillary Boy

Followup to my earlier Refried Screens comment, which speculated:

I don’t think that Bill Clinton necessarily would have laughed if a “Bill Girl” had existed in his era.

Now I’m trying to picture a “Hillary Boy.”

But Refried Screens has succeeded in finding a Hillary Boy, bad sound and all.

Note that the sound cuts in an out, reminding one of the 18 1/2 minute gap that Hillary witnessed. Or perhaps it's a comment on censorship and Tipper Gore. Not quite sure what machinations are going on there.

The YouTube page states:

I'm smarter than Obama Girl. Because, like Hillary, I'm a little older and more experienced. I'm not fluff. I know the issues.

He is a little older; scott196587 is 42 years old.

But a Fred Thompson fan has identified a slightly older Hillary Boy:

If Fox isn’t on the Fred Wagon then who is?...We all know Murdoch is a Hillary boy, but why is his network dissing Fred?

And mainstream has found a lot of Hillary Boys:

Fred Barnes of the neocon house organ, the Weekly Standard, couldn’t contain his admiration for the Bilderberger Queen. Ditto for Rich Lowry of National Review, David Brooks, and the Joseph Goebbels of the neocon movement, Charles Krauthammer.

But can any of them sing?

Well, Obama Girl can't sing either.

Starring: Amber Lee Ettinger
Vocals: Leah Kauffman

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Ontario Emperor said...

For those who haven't seen if, Refried Screens has a followup. It turns out that the visual (rather than the audio) part of Obama Girl likes Hillary Rodham Clinton now.