Monday, August 20, 2007

Jonathan Lee Riches - The Early Years

Ever wonder why Jonathan Lee Riches was in prison in the first place? Here are the details:

"Three men who pleaded guilty to credit card fraud Friday gleaned consumer information through an e-mail spam operation run by a Dallas teenager, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office.

The teen created a spam, or junk e-mail, computer program that generated thousands of messages purporting to be from America Online and asking for confidential information, Assistant U.S. Attorney Nancy Herrera said.

The teenager relayed the information to Jason Michael Carpenter, 20, of Houston, who pleaded guilty to fraud charges along with Michael Scott Pesce, 27, of Selden, N,Y., and Bernard Duzinski, 43, of Port Richey, Fla., Herrera said.


Carpenter sent the consumer information gathered by spam to Jonathan Riches of Holiday, Fla., who, along with Stephanie Costley Doyle of the same city, pleaded guilty last year to participating in the scheme.

Riches used the information to order new credit cards, and Pesce and Duzinski provided him with fake driver's licenses in the credit card victims' names. The bogus licenses were made from a Texas license template sent by Carpenter, Herrera said."

And here's part of the Department of Justice press release:

"HOUSTON, TX) United States Attorney Michael Shelby announced today that an indictment was returned on Monday, March 24th charging five persons with various federal offenses arising from an alleged internet credit card fraud scheme. Three of the five charged, Jason Michael Carpenter, 19, of Houston, Texas, and Jonathan Lee Riches, 26, and Stefanie Costley Doyle, 23, both of Holiday, Florida, were charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and launder money, wire fraud affecting a financial institution, and fraud in connection with access devices.

Timothy Riches, 49, and Donna Riches, 50, both of West Chester, Pennsylvania, were charged with conspiracy to launder money."

Note the last names of the last two people.

Riches has relatives.

Wonder if they're suing anybody.


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