Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Barney Frank and Online Gambling


There are other governmental initiatives that touch on gambling, or underage gambling, or whatever. Online gambling is a topic of some interest, and the Poker Players Alliance has views regarding Barney Frank's H.R. 2046, the Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Bill of 2007.

Here's a statement about the bill:

“The Act establishes a federal regulatory and enforcement framework to license companies to accept bets and wagers online from individuals in the U.S., to the extent permitted by individual states, Indian tribes and sport leagues. All such licenses would include protections against underage gambling, compulsive gambling, money laundering and fraud.”

The online poker players lobby has this comment:

Rather than have faith in offshore companies, some holding dubious reputations, consumers can deposit, play, and withdraw from sites controlled by a rigid string of federal safeguards. This consumer confidence is a point constantly repeated by the PPA to Congressmen from around the nation.

But I bet that Nevada and Atlantic City and the Indian tribes won't be happy, even with this sop:

“To protect States’ and Indian tribes’ rights to control gambling activities within their respective geographic borders, the Act permits States and Indian tribes either to prohibit Internet gambling activities or impose limits on various types of Internet gambling activities.”

Technically, this is very easy to get around, and even if it weren't, Nevada, Atlantic City, and the Indian tribes (in rare agreement) would prefer to limit the competition.

Co-sponsors include my Congressman (Joe Baca Sr.) and Ron Paul.


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