Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Does Vista suck?

Oliver Rist asks that question in InfoWorld:

The word on the Web is that it sucks badly enough that we should all don iSheep caps and adopt Macs or Penguins. I usually don't get into those kinds of arguments because they amount to OS holy wars.

Tell me about it.

In his article, Rist evaluates Windows Vista in several categories and assigns the following pass/fail grades:

  • Installation - Pass

  • Networking - Pass

  • Security - Pass

  • Application compatibility - Pass (grudingly)

  • Hardware compatibility - Pass (grudingly)

But regarding previous stories of people demanding XP on their computers, Rist offers the following comment:

I've only got one XP Pro machine left here, due solely incompatibility agony. When that clears, XP becomes extinct and I'm not looking back.

Even then, Rist poses the following question:

Get two similar businesses running Windows XP, then move one to Windows Vista and the other to the Mac or some Linux flavor. See who has more problems. Any volunteers?

Yet responses to Rist's analysis sounded like...well, they sounded like a holy war:

When you say things like "iSheep", you've lost credibility for objectivity with me. I expect an enterprise analyst to be objective because their recommendation can effect how I spend my money.

I doubt that Rist feels effectionate toward that commenter. But this comment was more on target:

So... take all those categories, and rate Windows XP SP2. Overall, it will score higher than Vista. I think that's why the enterprise community is up in arms.

Oh well, it could have been worse. Blu-Ray could have been a standard Windows Vista component.


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