Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Am I wrong about this? (Donna Douglas Hairstyle)

While reading the latest in Jonathan Lee Riches news, I ran across this post, which read in part:

There are “others” out there conspiring against me as well, and those shall feel the wrath of Judge Judy as well. Actually they might not be “conspiring”, but they irk me so they deserve to be sued.

Lou’ser Holtz because every time I attempt to watch “The Beverly Hillbillies”, I start yelling at my TV because he resembles Granny from the show, instead of enjoying Ellie Mae. So his existence has hampered me from enjoying television. Plus I’m hoping ESPN will fire him and bring back Trev Alberts.

Once I read that, I immediately flashed to what Elly May (Donna Douglas) looks like today.

(Christopher Hollis for Wdwic Pictures)

Now I have no problem with Donna Douglas being old, and I have no problem with Donna Douglas not choosing to buy thousands of dollars worth of plastic surgery so that she doesn't look old.

My problem is with her retaining a hairstyle that she used forty years ago. Maybe it's just me, but that type of hairstyle looks ridiculous on an older woman.

Am I alone on this, or do others agree?


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Rich "Dirty Sanchez" Rodriguez said...

I might be blind before dusk... ;)

Crown King of Uxbridge said...

Jonathan Lee Riches is becoming a celebrity. The Washington Post has called him a creative genius, and wrote up a full catalouge/tribute of his most colorful lawsuits. Amazing what some idiots can achieve.