Saturday, July 7, 2007

What Symantec says about navapsvc.exe CPU utilization issues

Before doing anything, it's good to check from the source that supposedly has the best information. Since navapsvc.exe is a Symantec program, it makes sense to see what Symantec has to say.

And, lo and behold, they have a support page entitled Computer slows down as Norton AntiVirus Auto-Protect CPU utilization reaches 95% or higher. Here's part of what it says.

After installing Norton AntiVirus (NAV) 2002 under Windows XP or Windows 2000, you notice that the computer is considerably slower. When you open the Windows Task Manager, you notice that the NAV Auto-Protect service NAVAPSVC.EXE is using 95% or more of the computers CPU time....

Try the following workarounds to fix the problem.

  • Download the latest NAV program update.

  • Ensure that the performance options for the operating system are set to "Applications" or "Programs" rather then "Background services."

  • Unregister and then register the Auto-Protect service.

There are complete instructions on how to perform each of these tasks, followed by this statement:

If these workarounds do not work, then the problem might be caused by a conflict with another program.

photoshopelementsdeviceconnect, perhaps? This warrants further exploration.


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