Monday, June 25, 2007

My thoughts on the Kobe Bryant Living Spaces commercial


I've never gotten around to posting my thoughts on this commercial, but for reasons which will become apparent, now is the time.

Why was there the need to employ a barbership quartet in the commercial? I mean, Hi-Fidelity sounds like a fine practitioner of the art, but I'm not sure who came up with the equation "Kobe Bryant plus Furniture equals Barbershop Quartet." Perhaps Tom Peterson could pull this off (hmmm...Zambezi Ink *is* a Portland firm), but it doesn't translate well to Rancho Cucamonga. And, by the way, if you're going to employ a traditional art form like a barbershop quartet, then you don't want to use a non-rhyming "boss"/"calls" couplet.

But that's not the most bizarre part of the commercial. The body of the commercial (before Hi-Fidelity reappears at the end) consists of a supposedly natural conversation between Kobe and his good friend Grover. It has the requisite "What's up?" and casual conversation stuff, but one line is so forced that it sticks out like an extremely sore thumb. It's Kobe's main line in the commercial:

I stink at building stuff.

After hearing that line (you can listen to the entire commercial here), you can't help but ruminate on the line. Does Kobe truly stink at building stuff? Does he stink at building a team spirit within the Lakers organization?

And I won't even go to the Colorado incident.

After this conversation between good buddies Kobe and Grover, Hi-Fidelity chimes it with their last lines...and you're left shaking your head at this commercial.


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