Monday, May 7, 2007

Warning - Someone Throws Up In His Mouth In This Post

I'm not the only one who holds a grudge over the Orange County baseball team renaming issue. From White Dade:

I had the opportunity to attend a baseball game in Chicago this past weekend between the White Sox and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Even saying that name makes me throw up in my mouth a little. To the game, I wore a bright red T-Shirt with the Angels logo on it proclaiming “We are NOT LA.”...

Unfortunately the current owner, [Rita Moreno of Arte], imparts the same logic as many of our civic officials here in South Florida and figures that naming the team “Los Angeles” will somehow encourage fans living in that city to drive an hour in traffic to his games in an entirely different area. His theory, of course, is to make more money, but what he effectively did was piss off his local fan base. Because there is nothing anyone living in Orange County hates more than being told they live in LA....

LA is a cesspool if filth and crime that has riots and truly awful people around every corner. OC is more or less populated by surfers and real-estate agents....

So the next time you talk to someone, and they say they are form Laguna Beach or Mission Viejo, Lake Forest or Santa Ana, Huntington Beach or Garden Grove, do not tell them they are from LA. They are not and it is the equivalent of telling a Korean he is Chinese because he has slanted eyes....[I]f the Angels and Kristin Cavalleri couldn’t convince the world that Orange County is a world away form Los Angeles, it looks like nobody will.

Now White Dade does generalize a bit - I work in Orange County, and there are significant differences within the county itself, just as there is a world of difference between San Dimas and Inglewood - but his point is taken.

I had thought, however, that Rita Moreno of Arte's marketing move was primarily to affect those in Japan or Korea or wherever who presumably had never heard of Anaheim, but had heard of Los Angeles.


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