Monday, May 7, 2007

Spam is from Satan

ButtUgly commented on George W. Bush's celebration of Loyalty Day, which includes display of the American flag.

I then commented on ButtUgly's comment with a few brief words about Satanic flag worship, and a link to this blog.

This was enough to trigger the following rejection:

Akismet tells Herb you're a spammer, Herb trusts Akismet, and I trust Herb!
(Incident code IZQDHX)

Not sure what triggered the Akismet flag; the perceived gratuituous use of the word Satanic? The small amount of text?

I tried to write a longer post and refrain from the use of the word "Satanic," but then I got this:

You have been temporarily banned from modifying this wiki. (3067 seconds of ban left)

Can I pull a Dana Carvey and figure out who could have banned me? Hmmmm...let's see...could it be....

(At least I didn't use the word "fascist.")


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Mrs. Loquacious said...

I hate spam too. :) But I also hate anonymous comments that are threatening and malicious without provocation or critical thought behind the message.

In your case, I know your comments are consistently thoughtful and challenging, perhaps, but non-violent, so I see no reason why these fascists aren't letting you post your response. So much for freedom of speech!

Ontario Emperor said...

Actually, I'm fascinated by humans' attempts to automate things - and the failures of automation. We can't build the perfect robot yet. (Of course, you and I know that we can't build the perfect person either.)