Monday, May 14, 2007

Another Wrap-Up - DJ Bobo, "Vampires Are Alive"

You can see how riveting the Eurovision competition is to me (sorry K); I'm just getting around to investigating this today.

11. May 2007, Swissinfo

Switzerland's DJ Bobo is out of this year's Eurovision Song contest in Helsinki after he failed to qualify in the preliminary round of the popular competition.

The Swiss singer's elimination was a shock for most observers, who had put his controversial "Vampires are Alive" song among the favourites to win this year's event.

Bobo is a household name in Switzerland and has fans across Europe. On Friday he spoke of his disappointment at not finishing among the top ten for a place in Saturday's final.

"It wasn't an optimal performance. I wasn't on best form," the singer was reported as saying.

But he told Swiss television that the bloc voting by east European countries had been "frustrating" and had been at the expense of western European entrants....

Out of 28 candidates trying to nail one of the places for the final, nine of the acts which qualified for Saturday came from eastern Europe : with Turkey the only outsider to make it through.

Boy. We in the West had spent the entire Cold War urging the Eastern Europeans to vote, and now look what happens.


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