Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Fun and games in Eastvale, California


There is a new website called eastvaleresidents.com, which is dedicated to sticking it to Jurupa Valley - I mean serving the fine citizens of Eastvale.

Welcome to the Eastvale Residents new community forums. You are invited to register now and have access to the forums. We are in a pre-release phase now. We are still under construction but will be ready for opening in a few weeks. Here are just two of the exciting new features

*Email Subscriptions for every forum.
Get e-mails only on the topics and discussions you want. Just like Yahoo!
E-mails can be delivered instantly, daily or weekly for each forum. You pick!

*Segmented Topics of Discussion
Instead of one huge General Discussion, we have a variety of discussions you can participate in from General Discussion to Eastvale Schools to Fun and Games!


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