Monday, May 7, 2007

Another Statement or Two on Free Speech

This is taken from the International Herald Tribune, but Lasorda also used it in his autobiography.

The coach of the U.S. Olympic baseball team, Ron Fraser, recruited Tom Lasorda, manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers, to give a motivational speech to candidates for the team. Fraser said, "You must believe in free speech," and Lasorda replied: "Sure I believe in free speech." "That's good," Fraser said, "because you're going to give one."

Our President used the line also:

Thank you all. Thanks. Please be seated. Thank you for that warm welcome. I thank John for that introduction. John McCain is a man of honor and integrity, and great personal courage -- he's an outstanding chairman for the International Republican Institute. He campaigned with me, for which I was grateful, and one time he said, do you believe in free speech? I said, I do. He said, why don't you get over to the IRI and give one, then? (Laughter.)

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