Sunday, April 8, 2007

Here comes another one...(resurrecting The Gloved One)

Yeah, I remembered him, and I figured I'd see what's happening now. (What was happening then - putting the atic back in fanatic, anyone?)

Michael Jackson is turning to some of today's hottest stars to help plan his big comeback. now wrangling R&B sensation Akon....

"All the stuff that he's going through, that he's been through the past two years, the stuff that's been out in the media... the stuff that hasn't been out, I think he needs to just take all that (and) put it in his records. It's a big story."

I hope not. "Leave Me Alone" was an entertaining video, but do we really want to hear a song and see a video about child molestation and bankruptcy?

Well, maybe if it shows Heather Mills kicking MJ's business foe Paul McCartney...


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