Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hard, Dark Floors. Hallelujah!

You won't want to get sick.

Finland for Thought reports that Lordi will star in a horror film.

Do I hear Oscar bells?

Solar Films has more information on the movie, entitled "Dark Floors."

The Finnish Eurovision Song Contest winner Lordi – their Hard Rock Hallelujah took a record number of 292 points at last year’s final – will co-write and star in a new €4 million horror movie, to shoot for Finnish producer Markus Selin, of Solar Films, from Monday, 7 May....

The monster hard rock group...has penned the script with Finnish writer Veli-Pekka Hänninen. Set at a hospital, the film will be shot in English with an otherwise UK-US cast.

“After Lordi’s win in Athens, Mr Lordi gave an interview where he suggested I contact him, which I did. He came up with this idea of a horror movie in the American slasher tradition, slightly Japanese style, which is set at a hospital,” explained Selin....

Lordi members...will join the set on Monday, 14 May, two days after this year’s Eurovision Song Contest final in Helsinki.

The film...will be launched in Finland on Friday, 21 December....Selin plans to promote it internationally by a Lordi concert on Sunday, 20 May, during the Cannes International Film Festival.


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