Friday, April 13, 2007

Doggie Tale

John Stallings wrote an excellent blog post (which I linked to previously) entitled The Horse That Bucks You (What no one told Elvis). It included good stories about Jim Bakker, Ronald Reagan, and Elvis Presley that engaged the head, but he also included the following story that engaged the heart.

I read a story about a miner who spent most of his time looking for gold in desolate areas. One night when he was trying to sleep, his dog started barking. He told the dog over and over to stop barking but still the dog barked. Finally in anger the old man got up and shot his dog. When he lay his head down and went to sleep, men who had been waiting outside his camp came in and beat and robbed him and left him for dead. That dog sensed the men were there and tried to warn the old man but to no avail. The old miner probably killed his best friend that night.

I'll grant that I'm a dog owner and thus was sensitized to the story, but the story still reminds us that sometimes God tries to get our attention. In addition to the stories above, Stallings focuses on Balaam's ass (whoops, did I just lose my chance at a high-paying radio job)? See Numbers 22.

Unfortunately, that's not the end of the story. Once the donkey left, Balaam was free to divert the Israelites. See Numbers 24:25-25:3 and Numbers 31:8-16.

He should have listened to the donkey.


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