Saturday, April 14, 2007

Ancient History

I tried to respond via comments to an observation of Annika's, but got a MySQL error. So here's what I was going to write. (Bear in mind that Annika is a tiny bit younger than I, so I had to explain my terms very carefully.)

Back in my undergraduate days (1979-1983), I would store my music on plastic boxes called "cassettes" which I "played" while I washed the dishes.

Cassettes were primitive items that stored music on little pieces of ribbon inside the plastic box. However, you couldn't put the plastic box in your computer, and there was no way that you could put the plastic box on your phone (not that you'd want to, anyway - phones were attached to the wall of the building with "wires" and couldn't be taken to other places).

Anyway, this "cassette" had David Bowie's "'Heroes'" - a good song to play while doing chores.

(Serious story - when my daughter was young and saw a 7" single for the first time, she thought it was some kind of weird CD.)

If this explanation confuses anyone, let me know.

And by the way, no I haven't owned a 78 rpm record before.


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