Monday, March 12, 2007

Zebbler, Two Degrees Removed

At Zebbler's MySpace page, commenter Zebbler reports press reaction to Zebbler, relying on the press to figure out what happened in an event in which he (as Peter Berdovsky) participated.

Mar 8 2007 10:56P

A big bow of gratitude to all that came out on Wednesday to support Sean and I. We, and, I am sure, all of Boston's free art community thanks you.

As to our time in court - you can just google what happened. Here's what I was able to make out from a google search:

Apparently, we "were solemn and silent". Also I found out that the "case was continued until March 30th", but despite of that, we can "have it resolved by the end of this month, a prosecutor said Wednesday."

"We've been in lengthy conversations. We hope to resolve the case before that," Assistant Attorney General John Grossman said.

Also, apparently "There were no smirks. No smiles. No performance-art skits about the evolution of haircuts." Sean and I "stood stone-faced".

Now I can see Bob Dole doing this. "Bob Dole is going to read the paper to find out where Bob Dole stands on the issues." But Peter Berdovsky? Probably a good move - you're not supposed to speak out relevant issues in your pending trial, so instead of talking about non-related material (haircuts, anyone?), just repeat what everyone else is saying. "Guess I was stone-faced."


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