Monday, March 26, 2007

Speech recognition vs. speaker recognition

Don't confuse the two.

Voice recognition can be separated into two main categories: speech recognition and speaker recognition. Each has its own set of technologies and uses....

Speech recognition is the ability for a device to recognize individual words or phrases from human speech. These words can be used to command the operation of a system -- computer menus, industrial controls or direct input of speech into an application -- as is the case with dictation software....

Speaker Recognition

As both physical and data security become of greater concern, new methods of uniquely identifying people are emerging. These technologies rely largely upon the physical differences that make us individuals. Because every human being has a unique voice, voice can be used as a form of biometric user verification to physically secure an area, limit access to personnel files or verify a claimant's identity over the telephone for unemployment insurance processing.

You don't have this problem with fingers....

speechrecognition speakerrecognition

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