Monday, March 26, 2007


Discovery, or a post that lies at the intersection of my 1997 airplane flight to South Africa, and the 2006-2007 television set in Southampton, New York. (Trust me on this one).

Because of back problems and the divorce of his first wife Zucchero became depressed and decided to leave the music business for a while and travel around. The result is Miserere, an album in which Zucchero fights his inner demons....Maestro Luciano Pavarotti appeared on the title track, co-written with U2´s Bono. During auditions for a demo to send to Pavarotti a blind lawyer who worked as a piano player in a bar in Bologna was discovered by Zucchero and Pavarotti. The singer joined Zucchero on tour to sing Miserere live with him. Andrea Bocelli later turned into one of the best selling opera and pop singers in the world.

Zucchero would not record "Il Volo" (English version "My Love") for a few years; I heard the song on a South African Airways plane not too long after its release (I also heard that Cardigans song, whatever it was). Bocelli, of course, was admired by Vincenzo Riccardi, who was also blind.


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