Friday, March 30, 2007

Peter Berdovsky's and Sean Stevens' Felony Charges Remain Intact

Berdovsky and Stevens were in court today...and are scheduled to be in court again on May 11. No plea deal has been reached yet.

The two men charged with planting electronic devices in a botched advertising scheme that created a bomb scare in the Boston area will have another day in court because plea agreement negotiations are continuing, a defense lawyer said Friday.

Peter Berdovsky, 27, and Sean Stevens, 28, have pleaded not guilty to placing a hoax device and disorderly conduct. They appeared Friday in Charlestown District Court. The case was continued to May 11.

"We're still talking," Michael Rich, an attorney for Stevens, said after the 5-minute hearing.

And Martha Coakley apparently isn't listening, or she's invested so much in this that she has to prove a point. Perhaps she should seek national office and get involved in the Iraq force reduction debate. Isn't "stick to your guns" wonderful?

And regarding the whole thing about Berdovsky videotaping the police - as I said before,

it's very doubtful that a cop would have believed a dreadlocked guy who claimed that the devices were not bombs.

While we're reminiscing, watch out for those funny M's.

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