Friday, March 30, 2007

765 - Peter Berdovsky and Sean Stevens don't deserve to be martyrs

Ran across a new perspective on the Berdovsky Stevens thingie. 765 thinks that the charges against Berdovsky and Stevens should be dropped, but that they deserve condemnation for another reason.

The charges against Sean Stevens and Peter Berdovsky should be dropped, but these guys are not martyrs. Criminal wrongdoing should be cleared off the table so that these two can face the inevitable round of critique and ridicule due them from the street art community that they claim to represent.

It couldn't be more apt that the jackasses who executed this stunt and their controllers are charged with perpetrating a hoax. In the proliferation of category errors flying around this case, it'd be a shame to forget the deliberate deception implicit in any guerilla campaign diguised as street art. This is a hoax, but it's not a fake bomb, it's fake art....They traded their authenticity and street cred for cash, and they thought they were getting over. There's a term for the kind of person who does that, but it sure ain't 'video artist'.


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