Friday, March 30, 2007 tagging and error 999

This post may be sparsely substantiated by links, for reasons that will become apparent shortly.

When I shifted my main blogging activity from the Ontario Empoblog ( to mrontemp (, I decided that I would try to use the various services provided by Google (Blogger, Analytics, Reader, etc.).

One exception to this was, which is not a Google service. I had used during the last several months of Empoblogging, and decided to use it again (with some slight refreshes in tagging strategy) for the new blog.

Everything was working fine until yesterday, when I was sitting in my deluxe office suite at Megacorp. I went to use for something, and ran into this message.

Sorry, Unable to process request at this time -- error 999.

Sorry, you've been temporarily blocked for accessing too rapidly. This could be the result of using a buggy, misconfigured, or malicious program. It could also be accidental on our part. Please hold off for a few minutes and try again later, in a gentler fashion.

If you think we've wrongly blocked you and it continues to happen, let us know. This link will bring you to a Yahoo website. When filling out this report, please ignore the Yahoo ID field.

- the staff

This continued to happen to me yesterday at work (but not at home), and was again happening today at work.

I've been researching this (that is, when allows me to tag) and discovered that this is a Yahoo message that has been used as early as 2004. See

I've filed the requested report with Yahoo; we'll see what happens.


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Anonymous said...

The same problem happens to me, at home with Maxthon and ie6 all work flawless, at work with Maxthon and ie7, I get always the 999 error.
I'm patiently waiting for a response from Delicious.