Sunday, March 11, 2007

Daylight Saving Time

People outside of North America will have to excuse us North Americans (excluding Mexico) for a few days while we get a bit grumpy. I've already performed my informal check on my computer - namely, confirming that there are different time zone settings for Baja California and Alta California. But some people may not have done anything, as Steve Lambert from the Daily Bulletin notes in tomorrow's paper (technically today's).

You forgot to change your clocks last night, didn't you?
Which explains why it's an hour later than you thought. Or is it an hour earlier? I don't know ... after all these years, the spring-forward-fall-back thing still throws me, especially now that daylight-saving time has been pushed ahead a month to try to conserve energy.

What I do know is I don't need some government pencil pusher with too much - you guessed it - time on his hands making my time more complicated.

For more information, check the link below. I've had to research this ad nauseum.


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