Saturday, March 3, 2007

Crime after dark - robbery in Berkeley

Rape isn't the only problem affecting college campuses.

Series of Robberies

Campus Environs, (Primarily Southside)

October 31, 2006

UCPD would like to alert the campus community of a series of armed and strong arm robberies most of which have occurred on the south side of campus since August 1, 2006. The robberies have generally occurred after dark and the victims were of various ages and affiliations, both male and female, traveling alone and in groups of two or more....

UCPD cautions people to be alert and use common sense:

Walk with one or more companions whenever possible.

Plan the safest route to your destination, even if it means taking a longer route.

Choose well-lighted busy streets and avoid vacant lots or deserted areas. See the Night Safety map for night-time walking routes (

Carry a cell phone pre-programmed with emergency numbers: UCPD (510-642-3333); BPD (510- 981-5911).

Call the Police as soon as you have been victimized or if you see anything suspicious as soon as you feel safe to do so. The sooner the police are aware of a crime the greater the chance the offender will be apprehended.


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