Saturday, March 3, 2007

Crime after dark - rape in Boston

One of my oldest really bad songs included the lyrics "I got a dime/Got me a dime," which is not only a comment on post-1980 inflation in pay phone charges (what's a pay phone?), but also a common college security tactic at the time. However, the issue still exists today.

Avoid Becoming a Rape Victim:

Never walk alone on campus after dark.

When going to a party or a bar, always use the "buddy system".

Use the Security Escort Service.

Always wait for your escort to arrive before leaving.

Do not take poorly lit paths.

Know the location of all blue emergency phones.

Keep your doors and windows locked.

Do not open your door until you know who is there.

Discuss your schedule with a few close friends.

Carry a cell phone.

Trust your instincts.

And always, ...always... be aware of your surroundings. Ask yourself: Are your friends still around? Who else is in the apartment/ house/residence hall?


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