Tuesday, March 27, 2007

But I hear this boy band has a really cool light show

Boston blogger Sean L. McCarthy does some thinking. After finding two photos of people with hair styles similar to Peter Berdovsky's, he says the following:

[W]hy would you want to look like Peter Berdovsky at a time like this? Do you want to be confused for him, especially by Boston's police?...How many other Bostonians are sporting this look? Could you imagine that police lineup? Or maybe a boy band? Now that I think about it, round 'em up!

The name of said boy band is a no brainer - the Aqua Teens. Sounds enough like A Teens that it should work out OK.

Only problem is that said band probably wouldn't go far with song such as "Belarus Persecutes."

But there's one place in Wyoming (the Lander Bar and Grill) that will book 'em.

Oops - the use of the phrase "book 'em" is probably unfortunate.


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